Monday, 23 February 2015

Overcoming Depression without Drugs

So many people struggle with depression in one way or another. Depession is definitely a mental illness, but having the right frame of mind or outlook can make all the differenc in the world.
In this short article, I will give you a simple 3 step process you can take in order to beat depression. If you are a women struggling with addiction or depression, please visit the link.

People who feel depressison have a perspective that everything in the world is hopeless.  Life becomes pointless.  Life loses it's taste and becomes a big chore.  You have to love yourself to feel right again.  Self love is the best love.  Depression starts from a place of not accepting yourself.

So step one is that you have to love yourself 100% for who you are.  Many of us are depressed because we are trying to be somenone else. We have to remember there are high tides and low tides.  Sometime life is amaing, and at other times it feels like life is crashing down on you.

Step two, is to smile more  Fake it until you make it. Sooner or later you will see that living in the past only feeds that past. What ever you focus on grows.  Tune into the right thoughts. Are my thoughts making me feel sad or happy.

Step three, find your passion. You may need to quit your job or you may need to take up a hoppy.  Get out! When you lock yourself in the house or in your room.  Laugh, be fun. Don't take life so seriously.

Again if you are depressed and need help, please visit us at

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Getting help with an addiction is one of the hardest but most fulfilling undertakings a person can choose in their lifetime. It is the difference in having a life full of pain verses a life full of joy. Of reaching goals verses just dreaming about them. There are no guarantees in this life, but learning how to put self first, and last, is a skill that will enable addicts to overcome.